Responsible Traffic Enforcer!


These traffic enforcers that even on a super intensity of the heat of the day and even heavy rains still do their job for the little salary that they got,  yet other drivers used to scold them due to a messy traffic encountered every day. Continue reading Responsible Traffic Enforcer!

How to live without WiFi at home

We know for a fact that in today’s standard, we have know the happenings of what ever happens to the world (not to be left behind by our friends), but as a thrift guy myself, we do not have wifi at home and it is really costly to load for something you would mainly use for entertainment. With this, I come up with my solutions on how to survive without wifi at home.

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Shopee: The Good & The Bad

I actually read a lot of blog post on how to shop at shopee but I only read good things about them. Not really showcasing what they can offer but just a blunt statement that they are the same as Lazada. I’m not going to introduce further because I am not paid anyway for this, I just want to share my five reasons why I chose to buy at Shopee over Lazada. I am both a seller and a buyer at Shopee.

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